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It was in the late 80s, when I started getting an interest in autograph collecting. The truth of the matter is that the world of movies had always fascinated me.

I will always remember my first encounter with a celebrity, Harrison Ford. I was in College and fortunate to live in one of the cities where Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade was being filmed (Little Hollywood, Tavernas) in the south of Spain. My next door neighbor was hired as a personal cook for Mr. Harrison Ford and Mr. Steven Spielberg, who were staying just 7 kilometers west from my house. This is when I got my first autograph in person ever! As soon as I finished my education, circumstances in life allowed me to move to the United States. After a couple of years working in New York, my company got me relocated to Los Angeles. It was there when I took my autograph collecting hobby to the next level.

Thanks to Eric A. Stillwell, Pre-Production Associate and Script Coordinator of the Star Trek: The Next Generation series, I could obtain an autographed picture, of the now deceased Gene Roddenberry. Shortly after, I started making new contacts in Hollywood, which allowed me to get many in person autographs from stars in the movie industry.

I hope you enjoy autograph collecting as much as I have, and I wish you a pleasant experience shopping with us.

Lucas Torrey

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